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OP: Chapter 742


Chapter 742: I’ll Stay By Your Side

We had a lot of tragic moments in ONE PIECE, but this flashback is the first time I’ve seen where romance played a significant role. Yes, you read that right- ROMANCE. Even though Oda gave that “there will be no romance in my manga” interview a while back (several years ago, I may add), this couple was already established as canon so I guess it’s okay? Okay as in fanboys shouldn’t worry about love stories in the current timeline if there were any concerns about it.

Back to the actual flashback, it was interesting how romance was developed by Oda. It was a typical encounter between Kyros and Scarlet, but it was good enough to establish the love they had for each other within a single chapter. As expected of Odacchi, there were heartbreaking moments such as finding out that Scarlet died without any recollection of Kyros or his promise.

I felt sad until the last two pages where I lol’ed. This chapter was an emotional roller coaster.

Minor Points

  • Kyros looked suspiciously like Law on page 7. The act of cutting his own leg off is probably a shout out to Oars who had the same fate albeit forcefully.
  • Diamante is stupid. He should never provoke someone (i.e. Rebecca) by saying that you killed her mother.
  • Dwarves + toys = Usopp gaining 8000 followers all because he told the truth!

OP: Chapters 737 – 741

Not exactly caught up, but I’m closer to where I was before this entry.

Chapter 737: Office Tower

  • At first I thought it was creepy how a gross looking guy like Trébol is a bodyguard to Sugar; however, it seems as if Sugar is the one in charge according to their interaction.
  • Oh no! Cavendish turned into a doll!! Hopefully this will spark Hakuba to awaken; attention whores like him would feel scandalized if they realized that no one remembers them.
  • Sugar’s DF is very versatile since she can make a whole bunch of people forget about the victim.

Chapter 738: Trébol Army Special Officer Sugar
SMILE is produced in part by slave labour!! I’d never have imagined during the Punk Hazard arc that the SMILE Devil Fruit would be made by fairy looking beings, which are Oda’s interpretation of dwarves- then again this is ONE PIECE for you.

Sugar is most likely the first “moe” character in OP and the only “child” with combat capabilities.

Chapter 739: Commanding Officer
Since Kyro’s turned into the toy soldier who is Rebecca’s father, it makes sense that he’d be forgotten. We got nice foreshadowing from the Corrida Colosseum spectator who was close to remembering Kyros.

It’s getting less likely that Rebecca will become a Strawhat because she has three blood relatives in Dressrosa. (I had doubts long about her candid before though.)

Chapter 740: I Beg You!!!
Kin’emon masquerading as Doflamingo, lol.

I love the panel where Doffy is biting his nails out of frustration. The gesture is really hot to me for some reason.

Baby 5 slapping Law and crying a millisecond later is adorable. :3 It would be cute if it turned out that she has a one-sided crush from him since the days when Law was part of the Donquixote family. Apart from Doffy I could see her being the most heartbroken one when he left.

Chapter 741: Liar Usoland
If this chapter didn’t cast away the doubt that readers had towards Usopp, I don’t know what will.

This is the first chapter where Usopp acknowledges his actual title as a sniper for the Strawhats instead of going through the usual “8000 followers” spiel. He’s one of the characters who developed the most throughout the course of the story, and this chapter is one of many

Since Kyros’ backstory will continue next chapter, I’ll go grab some popcorn…

OP: Chapters 734 – 736

Happy New Years… I guess? I knew that I abandoned this blog for some time, but I had no idea that it was left as it is for this long. I feel really ashamed. (>_<)

Nevertheless I'll get right to it and will be caught up eventually.

Chapter 734: Rommel’s Kamaitachi

Hopefully Oda will touch upon Cavendish’s second identity as Hakuba in the future. This ability is quite interesting because it reminds me of Märchen as both the concept and the Sound Horizon album. It would be a shame if a brief glimpse is all we have but knowing Oda, it most likely will be brought up again.

I don’t get Doffy’s yandere attitude towards Law. A while ago he wanted to kill him, but now he has Law seated comfortably on the Heart Street. I don’t understand. :/

I expect there to be several R18 doujinshi with the prompt of “Law being tied up to a chair”.

Chapter 735: Fujitora’s Intention

It’s adorable how Bart has begun to admire Sabo just as how his fanboy tendencies goes beyond Luffy and reaches Ace and Zoro.

Not only was Doffy being portrayed as a caring guy, Senor Pink is shown to be like this too. What is Oda trying to convey with the characterization of the Donquixote Pirates? It would be simple if they were all bastards who gave no shits about others, but their caring side makes the crew unlike all the other villains whom the Strawhats have faced. I don’t think any group are as close knit as the Donquixote Pirates are to the point where they consider themselves “family”.

The elimination of the Shichibukai has valid pros and cons so I’m on the fence about this issue. On the one hand there’s no point to keeping dangerous pirates at bay if they are given too much freedom; on the other hand the World Government needs to have an outreach on the “other side” if they ever wish to solve the pirate problem. It goes both ways, and Fujitora better have a good alternative to the Shichibukai.

Chapter 736: Elite Officer Diamante

The Colosseum seems to be a three way battle: Diamante Army vs. Jesus Burgess (Blackbeard Pirates) vs. Lucysabo/Bart/Rebecca.

Sabo seems to have gotten a scar from the Tenryuubito incident. It’s nice how he seemed to have stayed true to his pole arm wielding roots whereas his brothers ended up consuming Devil Fruits; however, he would be a force to reckon with if he used his weapon alongside the Mera Mera no Mi.)

Another Donquixote Pirate member is painted in a good light once again: this time it’s Diamante who is apparently a fair sportsman. He reminds me of Buffalo who was stated as someone who opposed cheating back at the casino. The ONE PIECE Wiki is tracking the quirks of the Donquixote Pirates, but they should also begin to track examples of their “nice” characteristics as well.

OP: Chapters 732 & 733

Chapter 732: Underground World

What I’ve been pondering about is why didn’t the dwarves and the Toy Soldier do anything while Doflamingo had “resigned” from his throne? Since Doffy doesn’t seem to have a heir, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if the Riku Family was restored then from the citizen and the world’s perspective.

Senor Pink: Oda probably created Senor Pink’s character design based on his impression of an anime otaku ’cause that’s whom I thought of when I first saw him.

My (wrong) prediction is that Senor has the Sui Sui no Mi where he can “swim” through anything going by this chapter and his introduction. I’d cry if he turns out to have the same ability as Tyki though.

Doflamingo: Isn’t saving an allied nation part of [the Marine’s] job?

I wonder if Dresssrosa was already a Reverie nation during the Riku Family’s rule. It’s such a gamble for the dwarves and the Riku Family members to overthrow Doflamingo if Dressrosa wasn’t already one because they might face repercussions from the WG later. They seem to have a plan for getting rid of the Donquixote Family’s rule, but they don’t seem to have any plan on what to do afterwards. :/

Trébol: Behehehe. No one notices… your existence.
Sugar: That’s true.

I have no idea what Sugar’s real age is, but this duo is creepy.

I’m not entirely sure what Trébol meant by “existence”. Does this mean that no one knows about Sugar? Or would they not know where Sugar is because she’s hiding “within” Trébol?


I was starting to think that Pica was a slacker since none of his army officers were shown until now. It makes sense that it would be Baby 5, BUffalo and Gladius who would work under him.

Although it’s never stated, I think Monet worked under Vergo and Law worked under Corazon in the past.

Chapter 733: What the Soldier wants
Not much to comment about in this chapter except to say that the D Block has come to a close. I’m not sure who the winner is, but they have to be formidable enough to face Burgess and the Bartolomeo/Sabo alliance. (Bart no doubt reveres Sabo as his senpai’s other brother.)

Ugh, I’m going to die without any ONE PIECE chapters for three weeks.

OP: Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Dressrosa SOP Operation

Dellinger: Remember this, you guys!! You won’t leave Dressrosa alive.
Bartolomeo: Hehahaha!! Go away, runt.
Bellamy: …………

Dellinger looked like a crazed psycho in the panel where blood was dripping from his head. He attacked by kicking so is it possible that he’ll fight Sanji? Dellinger wearing stiletto heels might trigger some bad and traumatic memories.

Poor Bellamy. The emphasis on Diamante’s “this is also an order from Doflamingo” makes me think that Doflamingo didn’t actually give the assassination orders to Dellinger. The conversation that Diamante and Doflamingo had a while ago didn’t even touch upon Bellamy. What purpose is Diamante trying to eliminate Bellamy for if my hypothesis is true?

Bartolomeo: I won’t ditch a friend in need!!

I’ve loved Bart ever since he stanned for Luffy, and now I have huge respect for him. It’s hard to imagine that the character we saw during his initial appearance is actually a decent guy. He deserves props for standing up for Bellamy. I’m sure Luffy would be proud of his kouhai if he learned what Bart had done.

Sugar: At last! We finally have the name for the little girl. I sensed that she was important because she remained ambiguous for so long among the Donquixote Pirates. Her DF is unique in a sense that it stops her aging and causes memory loss on top of turning people into toys. The fact that her Devil Fruit isn’t called the “Toy Toy Fruit” makes me think that the fruit’s main ability is something else. It would be funny if she’s actually one of the strongest characters in Dressrosa so Usopp shouldn’t think too lightly of her.

The midnight curfew and the law about toys and humans going to separate houses make sense: it’s the time when Sugar goes to sleep and the “magic” dissipates. That’s why it’s such a huge gamble IMO to depend heavily on Sugar’s DF abilities to maintain control of Dressrosa. Hopefully Doflamingo and the other higher ups (i.e. Trébol) thought of an alternate plan if something goes wrong.

Bartolomeo: Hang in there, Bartolomeo!! You’re talking to the future Pirate King so you can’t blow off a chance at a conversation.

There’s a Bartolomeo in all of us. (^_−)☆

????: I won’t let you get the Mera Mera no Mi, Strawhat Luffy!!


Page 16 (Luffy’s Face)

What did Luffy see to get such a reaction????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Koala Who knows if you would have made a difference even if you were “there”?

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ KOALA!!!!!

Back when I was reading the Fisherman Island arc, I was thinking to myself what a waste Koala would be as a character if Oda didn’t bring her back again. I’m glad we’re seeing her in the present, and my goodness what a badass Revolutionary member she has become. I hope she’ll reunite with Jinbe.

Luffy: I thought he died back then… I’ve always thought he was dead!!

SAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

I apologize for being a doubter.

I’m glad Oda addressed Sabo’s regret/guilt at not being there for Ace at Marineford since that was my main issue with his being alive. Ace passing on without the knowledge that his brother is still alive makes his death that much more tragic.

A lot of things are happening atm so Sabo and Luffy can’t catch up on lost time, but here’s hoping that we’ll find out what Sabo has been up to since his departure from the Goa Kingdom.

Luffy is a koi fish, and Sabo is now Lucy. Ace would probably laugh his ass off if he learned what happened in this chapter. (´;ω;`)


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